Bronze Pedestal
Bronze pedestal 25\" use for high arrangement or as column candle stand, 21 pcs.
Cupcake Stand
Seven tiers total, holds up to 250 cupcakes
Doric Pedestal
Light Grey Doric Pedestal Faux Granite Finish 32\" tall. Made from Lightweight Resin Material (Matching Urn) 10 pcs.
Honeycomb urn & column
Light weight resin material 49\' total height. 2 pieces each.
Ivory Pedestal
Ivory Pedestal 36\" tall 20\" x 20\" top. 8 pcs.
Marble Column
7\' Marble Column - Light weight fiberglass column with marble finish. 6 pcs.
Marble Pedestal
32\" Marble Pedestal. Light weight fiberglass pedestal with marble finish 4 pcs.
MOSIAC PEDESTAL / VASE 24\" tall 6\" opening 15 pcs.
Planter box
planter box 32\" tall x 48\" wide, lattice panels available in 4\' x 8\' and 4\' x 5.5\'
Rust column
Light weight fiberglass column, 22\" tall 10\" top, Rust finish 2 pcs.
Rust Swirl Column
40\" Rust color Swirl Column, can be used with rust urns or cherubs. Lightweight Fiberglass. 2 pcs.
Tan Column
Light weight tan column to be used with 25\" honeycomb urn or 27\" ribbed urn. 24\" tall 15\" top.
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