Antique Cast Iron Chupah
Antique Cast Iron Chupah.
Brass Chupah

Brass Chupah - 2
This is the same brass chupah as seen in the other photo. The poles and top have been covered with fabric.
Chupah White Column
Chupah - 4 white columns with solid top. Available with or without the chiffon.
Domed Chupah
Iron Domed Chupah
Iron Arch/ Planter Top
Iron Arch with Planter Top measures 6 1/2 ft. Tall by 6 ft. wide.
White wood arbor 6\' 8\" tall, 4\' wide
Rose Arbor with planters
White wood arbor with planter boxes. 7\' tall 4\' wide 21\" deep. Planter boxes are 13\" tall 20\" wide
Small Twig Chupah
This Chupah has been scaled down to 30 inches deep, it remains 6 1/2 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall. Twigs cover the 4 poles and twine through the top.
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